Title 78B Judicial Code 78B-2-307. Within four years., Utah Code Ann. § 78B-2-307


An action may be brought within four years:
(1) after the last charge is made or the last payment is received:
(a) upon a contract, obligation, or liability not founded upon an instrument in writing;
(b) on an open store account for any goods, wares, or merchandise; or
(c) on an open account for work, labor or services rendered, or materials furnished;
(2) for a claim for relief or a cause of action under the following sections of Title 25, Chapter 6, Uniform Voidable Transactions Act:
(a) Subsection 25-6-202(1)(a), except in specific situations where the time for action is limited to one year under Section 25-6-305;
(b) Subsection 25-6-202(1)(b); or
(c) Subsection 25-6-203(1); and
(3) for relief not otherwise provided for by law.