Retail Lease Agreement
(Long Form)


This retail lease agreement template is drafted for lease of retail space in (1) a mixed-use building, (2) shopping center, or (3) stand-alone property. This template includes practical guidance and drafting notes. Provisions related to each type of retail space are included as options in the retail lease agreement, and therefore the template should be tailored to the specific transaction by deleting those provisions that are not applicable. This template includes optional provisions and drafting notes regarding green leasing. Green leasing, or leasing of retail space in an environmentally and energy-friendly building, requires thoughtful consideration of lease terms. Green leases currently run the gamut, depending upon the exact green features of the building, the magnitude of the sincere goals of the landlord and the tenants, the decisions they have made on allocation of responsibility for meeting those goals, and, to an extent, the incentives, green certification, or carbon trading ...