Relocation Clause
(Office Lease) (Pro-Tenant)


This relocation clause is for use in an office lease agreement. This clause favors the tenant. While a landlord-friendly relocation clause is commonly included in the initial draft of a lease prepared by a landlord, the tenant can negotiate for pro-tenant modifications. This clause includes practical guidance and a drafting note. A relocation clause allows the landlord to relocate a tenant from its original premises to another space in the building. Landlords usually include this type of provision in their office leases to give them the flexibility to move a tenant if the need arises during the lease term. For example, a landlord might opt to relocate an existing tenant to accommodate the needs of a larger prospective tenant. Since relocating during the lease term can be very disruptive for a tenant and its business, the tenant should try to have the relocation provision deleted from its lease. If the landlord will not agree to delete the provision, the tenant should negotiate to ...