Pricing Terms Clauses
(Sale of Goods) (Buyer)


These pricing terms clauses are for use in a contract for the sale of goods and are pro-buyer. The clauses address other considerations including costs related to insurance, taxes and shipping and the clause also includes price adjustment language. The form includes practical guidance and drafting notes. The parties to a sale of goods contract want to clearly spell out the pricing terms for the transaction. Pricing terms can be fixed, tied to variables, or adjusted over time. Depending on the complexity of the transaction, the pricing terms can be a flat price stated or be so encompassing as to require an attached table of pricing options. For a pricing term clause that favors the seller, see Pricing Terms Clauses (Sale of Goods) (Seller). For information on payment terms, which deal with how payment will be made, see Payment Terms Clauses (Early Payment Discount) and Payment Terms Clauses (Purchase-money Security Interest).