Objections and Responses to Interrogatories
(Applicant to Opposer) (TTAB)


These template objections and responses are for use by an applicant responding to interrogatories served by an opposer in a TTAB opposition proceeding. These objections and responses can also be adapted for use by a respondent (i.e., registrant) in response to interrogatories from a petitioner in a cancellation proceeding. This template includes practical guidance, drafting notes, and alternate clauses. The objections and responses assume that the parties' marks are both being used for goods. If your case involves services, revise these objections and responses accordingly. For more on TTAB adverse proceedings, see TTAB Litigation: Opposition Proceedings, TTAB Litigation: Cancellation Proceedings, and TTAB Proceedings Resource Kit. For more on interrogatories generally, see Interrogatories: Drafting and Serving Interrogatories (Federal) and Interrogatories: Responding to Interrogatories (Federal).