Management Due Diligence Questions
(Real Estate Investment Trust)


This template of real estate investment trust (REIT)-specific due diligence questions may be used by counsel to conduct interviews with a REIT's management. The questions are written for an equity REIT and would differ depending upon the type and industry of the equity REIT. The interviews are intended to allow the offering participants to gain a detailed understanding of the REIT's business, executive officers, financial results, trends affecting its business, and the risks that may affect its business and results of operations. This template includes practical guidance and drafting notes. Through the due diligence session, participants will be able to ask questions, receive answers, identify any diligence matters that will require a closer examination, and raise and/or follow up on any risk factors and red flags raised during the documentary and other due diligence processes. This template is meant to be a starting point, and counsel should amend the questions to fit the specifics of...