Employment Agreement
(Offer Letter) (Non-executive, At Will) (NV)


This template is an offer letter and employment agreement for the at-will employment of a non-executive employee in Nevada. This template includes practical guidance, drafting notes, and alternate and optional clauses. This template's language has been customized to comply with Nevada and federal law. As a result, the text of this template differs from the non-jurisdictional Employment Agreement (Offer Letter) (Non-executive, At Will). This Offer Letter and Employment Agreement (Non-executive, At Will) (NV) is intended for private employers. Several of the drafting notes to this template contain links to annotated policies and agreements (e.g., sick leave policies, non-competition agreements, and arbitration agreements) that you may enclose with this offer letter. For information on drafting employment agreements and offer letters for non-executives, see Employment Agreements: Key Legal, Drafting, and Negotiation Issues (Pro-Employer), Employment Agreements: Negotiating Tips ...