SALES AND USE TAX REGULATIONS, Nebraska Admin. Code Title 316, Ch. 1


001.01 The sales tax is imposed upon the gross receipts from all sales, leases, rentals, installation, application, repair, or maintenance of tangible personal property, the gross receipts of every person providing or installing utility services, the gross receipts of a retailer of intellectual or entertainment properties, the gross receipts from the sale of admissions, the gross receipts from renting or furnishing accommodations or lodging for periods of less than thirty days, and the gross receipts from the sale or providing of certain enumerated services. (Reg-1-007, Gross Receipts)
001.01A For the purposes of the sales and use tax regulations, the term property shall mean all tangible and intangible property, rights, licenses, and franchises subject to tax under section 77-2703(1) of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.
001.02 This tax is not upon the article sold, but upon the transaction called the sale. The term “sale” includes installment, conditional and ...