Political Opinions Policy


This form is a political opinions policy that affirms an employer's commitment to comply with New York law prohibiting voter intimidation and prohibits discrimination on the basis of an employee's lawful political activities. This template includes practical guidance, drafting notes, and an optional clause. New York Elections Law N.Y. Elec. Law § 17-150(3) prohibits voter intimidation in the workplace. This form is intended for private employers. Employers may include this policy in an employee handbook or distribute it as a standalone policy. For a non-jurisdictional employee handbook, see Employee Handbook. For an employee handbook supplement for New York employers containing customized workplace policies based on New York state and local laws, see Employee Handbook Supplement (NY). It is based on New York law. For information on New York's lawful activities law, see the New York row of Off-Duty Conduct and Lawful Activities Discrimination State Law Survey. For information on voting ...