Independent Contractor Agreement
(Pro-service Recipient)


This non-jurisdictional form is an Independent Contractor Agreements (Pro-Service Recipient) between an independent contractor and the party for whom the independent contractor will perform specified services (the client). This form is intended for private employers and has been drafted with terms that favor the client. It contains drafting notes, alternate clauses, and optional clauses. This form is the template for our state Independent Contractor Agreements (Pro-Service Recipient) and has not been tailored for any jurisdiction. Use this template alone or customize it for one or more jurisdictions.The terms “Contractor” and “Client” are used to help avoid the parties’ relationship being characterized as an employee/employer relationship. Note, however, that the key determination of whether a worker is characterized as an employee or independent contractor hinges on control. The more a Client controls a Contractor, the more likely an employee/employer relationship exists instead of a ...