Disability Accommodations Policy
(with Acknowledgment)


This form is a disability accommodations policy, containing an acknowledgement, that covers key topics for disability accommodations including, among other things, notice and other employer obligations. This form includes practical guidance and drafting notes.This form is intended for private employers. Employers may include this policy in an employee handbook or distribute it as a standalone policy. It is based on federal law and does not address all potential state law distinctions; thus, you should check any relevant state and local laws.For information on reasonable accommodations, see Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policies: Key Drafting Tips, Americans with Disabilities Act: Guidance for Employers, and Accommodating a Disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act Checklist.For forms related to the reasonable accommodation of disabilities, see Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy, Disability Accommodation Request (ADA), and Disability Accommodation ...