Swing Line Promissory Note
(Credit Agreement)


This form is a swing line promissory note in a typical syndicated loan transaction. The promissory note evidences the swing line loan indebtedness of a borrower to the swing line lender funded under a credit agreement. This form includes practical guidance and drafting notes.Promissory notes are not necessary in syndicated loan transactions, but certain lenders prefer physical evidence of their loan as an acknowledgement by the borrower of its obligation to repay that specific lender. Conform the capitalized terms to the defined terms in the relevant credit agreement. Non-negotiable promissory note that contains a full set of covenants are found in Promissory Note (Construction Loan) and Promissory Note (Acquisition Loan). You can find additional forms of notes issued in connection with credit agreement facilities at Revolving Promissory Note (Credit Agreement), Term Loan Promissory Note (Credit Agreement), and Competitive Bid Loan Promissory Note (Credit Agreement). See also Security ...