Retail Lease Agreement
(Long Form) (CA)


This form is a retail lease for space in a multi-tenant building, and is intended for use by a non-institutional landlord of a small to medium-sized building. This form includes practical guidance, drafting notes, alternate clauses and optional clauses. This form incorporates California law. It is anticipated that tenants will be small businesses and individuals in a building up to approximately 50,000 square feet in size. The initial draft of a lease is usually prepared by the landlord and will reflect a pro-landlord point of view. If the leasing market is landlord-oriented, a landlord may elect to make further revisions to this lease to secure further protection. Similarly, this lease form will require additional modifications to make it pro-tenant. The tenant’s suggested provisions are separately titled, or included within the landlord’s provisions in italics. The tenant’s representative can review and consider the suggested tenant language that has been provided, however, review by...