Copyright Assignment


This form Copyright Assignment may be used where an individual author, organization, or corporate entity is assigning his/its rights in and to a work of authorship to another person, organization, or corporate entity. Both registered and unregistered U.S. copyrights may be assigned using this form. The form includes practical guidance, alternate clauses, optional clauses, and drafting notes.This form can be useful in various scenarios. For instance, an individual author who creates a copyrighted work (such as a motion picture or a literary, artistic, musical, dramatic, or pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work) might wish to assign the work to a new entity or organization that the author has formed. Or, in another common scenario, a copyrighted work might be purchased in connection with an asset purchase or other business deal and, consequently, would need to be assigned to the buyer.For guidance on assigning copyrights, see Assignments of Copyrights.