Agreement For Sale of Goods
(Pro-seller, short form)


This form Agreement For Sale of Goods (Pro-seller, short form) includes the basic terms and conditions for the sale and purchase of goods between a buyer and seller. The form includes practical guidance, drafting notes, and alternate clauses.This form has been drafted with terms that favor the Seller. Counsel for the Seller should consider attaching and incorporating standard terms and conditions of sale into the Agreement, which would provide additional terms regarding the parties’ sale transaction(s) that would be favorable to the Seller (such as terms addressing intellectual property rights, limitation of liability, inspection, compliance with laws, termination rights, etc.), that would afford greater protection to the Seller and reduce its exposure and risk under the Agreement. For sample terms of sale, see Terms and Conditions of Sale (Seller). For a short form sale of goods contract that favors the buyer, see Agreement For Sale of Goods (Pro-buyer, short form).