TITLE 26. INTERNAL REVENUE CODE § 6038A. Information with respect to certain foreign-owned corporations., 26 USCS § 6038A


(a) Requirement. If, at any time during a taxable year, a corporation (hereinafter in this section referred to as the “reporting corporation”)—
(1) is a domestic corporation, and
(2) is 25-percent foreign-owned,
such corporation shall furnish, at such time and in such manner as the Secretary shall by regulations prescribe, the information described in subsection (b) and such corporation shall maintain (in the location, in the manner, and to the extent prescribed in regulations) such records as may be appropriate to determine the correct treatment of transactions with related parties as the Secretary shall by regulations prescribe (or shall cause another person to so maintain such records).
(b) Required information.
(1) In general. For purposes of subsection (a), the information described in this subsection is such information as the Secretary prescribes by regulations relating to—
(A) the name, principal place of business, nature of business, and country or countries in which organized or resident,...