Certificate of Formation
(DE Series LLC)


This form is a Certificate of Formation for a Delaware Series LLC. A series LLC includes multiple, potentially unlimited, liability “baskets” under a single organizational umbrella and is tantamount to separately incorporating several different LLCs. This form contains practical guidance and drafting notes.In Delaware, the Certificate of Formation is filed with the Delaware Secretary of State and a filing fee of $90 is paid. Only one filing fee is required to form a Series LLC regardless of the number of series it contains. The form itself is usually a very simple document no longer than one page in length. While the specifics of the Certificate of Formation may vary, every Certificate of Formation must contain the following elements: (i) the name of the LLC; (2) the address of the registered office; (3) the name and address of the registered agent in Delaware; (4) a statement noting the existence and scope of the underlying series within the LLC; (5) ) a statement providing notice to ...