Confidentiality Agreement (with Inventions Assignment)


This form is a Confidentiality Agreement (with Inventions Assignment) (FL) between a company and an employee to be hired by the company. It contains drafting notes, alternate clauses, and an optional clause.This form is intended for private employers. Its language has been customized to comply with Florida and federal law. As a result, the text of this form differs from the non-jurisdictional Confidentiality Agreement (with Inventions Assignment). The confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement) contains an acknowledgment by the employee of the confidential nature of the company’s proprietary information, including technical information (such as know-how, processes and designs) and business information (such as business plans, financial data and supplier, and customer information). The employee is obligated, during and after the course of his or her employment, to keep this information confidential. The employee also agrees to assign to the company any ...