Settlement Agreement and Release of Claims for Single-Plaintiff Employment Dispute


This annotated settlement agreement and release of claims provides a template for California employers to use in resolving single-plaintiff employment disputes. It is intended for private employers.This settlement agreement’s language complies with California and federal law. The drafting notes address issues under both California and federal law. Except for the state-specific changes to the form’s language and annotations, this form does not differ from the non-jurisdictional Settlement Agreement and Release of Claims (Single-Plaintiff Employment Dispute) template.For practice notes on drafting and negotiating settlement agreements, see Settlement Agreements: Initial Assessment, Drafting, and Negotiating Techniques (Pro-Employer), Social Media and Settlement and Separation Agreements: Reining in the Impulse to “Share”, and Taxation and Reporting of Settlement Payments in Employment-Related Lawsuits. For additional considerations concerning California release agreements, see ...