Title 1 Code of Civil Procedure § 1-3-105. Actions other than recovery of real property., Wyo. Stat. § 1-3-105


(a) Civil actions other than for the recovery of real property can only be brought within the following periods after the cause of action accrues:
(i) Within ten (10) years, an action upon a specialty or any contract, agreement or promise in writing;
(ii) Within eight (8) years, an action:
(A) Upon a contract not in writing, either express or implied; or
(B) Upon a liability created by statute other than a forfeiture or penalty.
(iii) Within five (5) years after the debtor establishes residence in Wyoming, an action on a foreign claim, judgment or contract, express or implied, contracted or incurred and accrued before the debtor became a resident of Wyoming;
(iv) Within four (4) years, an action for:
(A) Trespass upon real property;
(B) The recovery of personal property or for taking, detaining or injuring personal property;
(C) An injury to the rights of the plaintiff, not arising on contract and not herein enumerated; and
(D) For relief on the ground of fraud.
(v) Within one (1) year, an action ...